Best Lawn Mower Buying Guide

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Mowing the lawn is one of the most ubiquitous of American chores. While some parts of the country can forget about this chore in the winter time. Come spring everyone with a yard will likely find themselves in need of maintaining at least some patch of grass.

The part of country you live in and your resulting grass-cutting goals are an important consideration in choosing a lawn mower. Since lighter and more accessible options may be more important when the lawn mower needs to be accessed year-round. Whereas a versatile riding mower that can tow other tools may be useful in snowy areas where the mower can be used for grass in the spring and summer. Then for other landscaping uses throughout the rest of the year.

While hardscaping and low maintenance landscaping have become popular. Which can reduce maintenance for much of your yard, for many people an old fashioned grass lawn is a necessary part of a good home. Providing a place for kids and pets to play and to enjoy outdoor activities. Maintaining your grass lawn is an important part of home care. Since an overgrown lawn can make a home look unattractive incredibly quickly.

Different Types Of Lawn Mowers

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best lawn mowerLawn mowers have come a long way since the old fashioned manual reel mowers that operate utilizing a simple spin and chop device when pushed. There is incredible diversity in mowers now. While the old fashioned reel design is still readily available. Improvements have been made on it as well. Some mowers can be ridden and tow things behind them as well. While others are tiny robotic mowers that will always keep your lawn looking perfect.

Depending on the size and shape of your lawn, as well as the incline and how often you want to mow. There are a wide range of mowers to meet varying needs. Whether you want a simple and quiet manual reel mower to provide an old fashioned mowing experience for your small patch of grass. Or you need a heavy duty lawn tractor that can mow acres with ease, as well as, pull other gardening supplies. There is a mower that will perfectly fit your needs.

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Riding Lawn Mowers and Lawn Tractors

riding lawn mower

If you have a lot of ground to cover and don’t relish the thought of pushing a mower across all those acres. Plus you don’t want grass-munching livestock, a riding lawn mower may be the solution for you. A riding lawn mower is a big investment, but a high-quality one will last you years. As well as save you hours of hard labor.

A riding lawn mower can change the chore of mowing the grass from a dreaded pursuit that will make you hate your summers to a relatively pleasant maintenance chore that lets you enjoy your yard while you are mowing it.

Once you begin the endeavor to buy your riding lawn mower, you may find that it is not unlike shopping for a new car or boat. There are many features to choose from in a riding lawn mower. The newest riding lawn mowers feature zero turn radius so that they can make a 180 degree turn, allowing you much more versatility as well as the ability to mow grass in a tighter space.

When Shopping for a Riding Lawn Mower

If your yard has lots of trees or other landscaping and many tight spaces, it may be worth it to you to invest a little more into this most recent technology. Two lawn mowers that look exactly the same from the same maker may have the capacity for vastly different features.

A fully packed lawn mower can cost up to twice as much as its identical basic twin. There are lots of features available that work to make up this price difference. A power deck lift will save you muscle work, and power steering as well as a tilt wheel will make the driving experience as comfortable as driving your car. The pedal sensitivity is improved on high end models as well, so your movements will be less jerky, providing you with even tighter control.

Riding lawn mowers can come in sizes including lawn tractors that can cut huge lawns and pull other equipment like garden carts or grass collection systems. The incredibly powerful garden tractors perform like a general garden tractor, pulling tillers or cultivators and sometimes even being equipped with the capacity to run a pump or even a generator. Think carefully about your needs in a riding lawn mower in order to choose a model that will be perfect for you.

Push Lawn Mowers

push mower

If you want a little more power than what you can get in a manual push mower, but don’t mind providing the force to push your mower across your yard. You can get a powered walk behind mower. These mowers will take a little more room to store and are too heavy to lift. So must be pushed around your yard, but they can power through a lot more grass. At a pace that is comfortable for you.

These mowers will make some noise, but may make more if powered by gas than by electric. Gas push mowers are more trouble to maintain. But if you don’t want to be connected by a cord and have a fair amount of grass to mow. Plus don’t mind pushing, a gas push mower maybe right for you.

Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

self propelled lawn mower

If you don’t mind walking behind your lawn mower and have the space for storing and maneuvering a walk-behind model. But don’t have the strength to push your lawn mower across your yard. A self-propelled lawn mower may be the right option for you.

A self-propelled lawn mower can power itself up hills or through thicker grass. So it may be a better option for you if you have property with hills or an incline. High quality self-propelled lawn mowers will provide you with a lot of control. So you can choose your speed to power up a hill or carefully trim around a flower bed.

The additional feature of being self propelled will cost more than a push mower. But will still run you a lot less than a ride on mower and may not cost much more than the highest end push mowers.

Robot Lawn Mowers

robot lawn mower

If you dream of a lawn that takes care of itself, maintaining perfectly trimmed grass all the time without you having to do anything. A robot lawn mower may be the tool you’ve been dreaming of. These nifty little machines are quiet enough to work at night, or early in the morning without disturbing you or your neighbors.

They are not generally as powerful as their human-powered counterparts, but if they are deployed regularly they can maintain the grass at a pleasant level. By trimming a little bit each time with ease. Robotic lawn mowers work by following a perimeter set by a low voltage wire. This means that if you have multiple areas of grass that cannot easily be wired off, you will need more than one unit to take care of your entire grass space.

Once you have set up the space for your robot lawn mower, it will more or less run on autopilot. It stays in its charging base. Which is left plugged into an outdoor unit until it is time for it to do its scheduled trim. When it will head out into your yard. If your robot lawn mower hits something in your yard, it will automatically turn and head in another direction.

A safety mechanism stops the blade when this lawn mower is lifted so it won’t accidentally hurt anybody when they pick it up. There are a variety of robotic mowers on the market, all offering the above features. Along with a range of other features and varying levels of quality.

While this is still a relatively new technology, robotic lawn mowers being produced today have come a long way from their original counterparts. Which offer a relatively reliable and worry-free lawn maintenance system for the right home.

Reel Lawn Mowers

reel mower

Reel mowers are the most old-fashioned designs and generally the most affordable. A reel mower can meet your needs if you don’t have too much grass to mow. If you don’t mind pushing through your grass. If you very regularly trim a small patch of grass, and would like to quietly take care of your weekly trim without bothering the neighbors. A simple push mower may be perfect for you.

A simple manual reel mower has its blades activated by your pushing motion. So you need to move a little bit quickly in order to provide a good chopping motion. This simple mower requires no battery or energy source and can be easily stored with only a couple feet of space. It is light enough to move around your property with ease, and is a hundred percent portable so you can take it where you need it.

If you have tiny patches of grass, especially around lots of landscaping, and don’t want to spend very much on your mower. This mower may be right for you. Some people find that a reel mower is gentler on their grass. Since it tends to cut like a pair of scissors instead of chopping. Some reel mowers shoot the grass trimmings out front so that you won’t be hit in the legs by them. So that the machine will chop them up again, naturally mulching your yard while you mow.

Cutting width varies as well, with mowers with wider width making your mowing time shorter. Although providing a less compact model for tight spaces. Also creating a heavier machine that will be harder to push.

Look here for our best reel lawn mower choices.

Lawn Mower Power Types

Since the original manual model, lawn mowers have come a long way in the sources of power they utilize. While you can still get the old-fashioned manual reel lawn mower. You can also get lawn mowers powered by battery, electric, or gas. Each of these powering techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. So, carefully consider your needs and decide which sort of power is right for you.


electric lawn mowerElectric lawn mowers are generally quieter and more affordable than their gas counterparts. Plus they allow unlimited time of operation, unlike gas or battery. They are limited, of course, by their cord. Therefore are not appropriate for very large yards or grass that is located some distance from a power outlet.

Electric mowers are much more environmentally friendly than gas. Since they do not emit any negative gases like carbon monoxide or unburned hydrocarbons. This means that operating an electric mower will be safer and healthier for you and for your neighbors. As well as, the environment.

Electric mowers are easy to start and are lighter and easier to operate than gas mowers. So may be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to struggle with their lawn mower. But wants a relatively powerful machine to quickly get through the weekly mowing chore.


Gas mowers are generally more powerful than electric or battery and they are rugged enough to stand up to years of heavy use without complaint. Gas mowers can surge through thick grass and weeds with apparent ease. Making a terrific racket that lets you know it’s getting the job done. Gas mowers are unrestricted by a cord and generally a tank of gas will last longer than a battery.

If you run out of gas, you just need to wait for the engine to cool to refill and keep going. As opposed to a battery operated mower which will require recharge, or a spare battery. Gas mowers are not as friendly on the environment as electric or battery, and they require somewhat more skill to use. Plus they utilize fuel filters, spark plugs, oil and gas which cannot be left in the tank indefinitely.

If you have a lot of lawn or grass some distance from your house that you may not want to mow very regularly. Plus want a powerful machine that will get the job done for a reasonable price. A gas mower may be right for you.


Battery operated lawn mowers provide a versatile and relatively quiet mowing experience. That is perfect for a small yard or small patches of grass around landscaping. With a battery operated lawn mower, you will not be limited by the length of a cord. You will have a cleaner and quieter mowing experience than with gas.

Battery operated lawn mowers may be expensive, especially for the higher-quality ones that will run for some time. A good solution to the limited battery life of your lawn mower is to have extra batteries available. But these may be expensive or difficult to buy separate from the mower. Some mowers do not have interchangeable batteries. If you don’t have too much grass to mow, but don’t want to be limited by a cord. A battery operated lawn mower may be the right choice for you.


Manual lawn mowers used to be the only kind available. With a simple design that worked by having a person push the mower at a good clip to turn the blades. Which chop the grass with a scissors-like motion.

Manual lawn mowers are inexpensive and will last as long as the blade stay sharp. Blades can generally be sharpened with a versatile tool sharpening device. Manual lawn mowers can be easily stored and are portable enough to be carried anywhere. Throughout your property or even thrown in the back of a car or truck to be taken elsewhere.

If you don’t mind putting your back into your mowing, a high-quality manual mower can handle whatever you can handle. Provided you push hard enough and fast enough. The requirement to push at speed may deter some people who just want a simple and easy to use mower. If you need to mow around lots of landscaping that requires careful maneuverability.

Manual mowers are also not as good for anyone who needs to mow on an incline. Since the mower may be hard to push uphill and may pull you down hill.

Lawn Mower Drive Type

There is versatility in choosing how your lawn mower will be driven, and while you may assume that the most expensive models are best, this is not necessarily true. For small, flat lawns, all wheel drive is overly expensive, heavy, and difficult to maneuver. Rear wheel drive is completely unnecessary and makes turning difficult for no reason on a flat lawn.

Therefore, if you have a small and flat space to mow, a manual or front driven lawn mower may be a better choice for you. if you do have hills to navigate, however, it is important to choose a lawn mower with all wheel drive or rear wheel drive to help you navigate and power through the incline, as well as control the descent.


Lawn mowers that are manually controlled simply offer wheels for you to push in the direction you want to go. Such lawn mowers are extremely maneuverable, since they are lightweight and can be backed up and redirected at will, without the need to switch speeds or lift the front of the mower off of the ground.

Manually steered lawn mowers are either manually powered by your pushing motion, or offer a automatic cutting motion but require your power to move them forward. Either way, you will have the weight of the mower to push, so consider your strength level and how much grass you need to mow when considering a lawn mower that is driven by manual power.

All Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive provides extreme traction so that this mower can power up even hilly or sloped yards with ease. Since the control is balanced across the mower, you will have better control in a mower that feels like all you have to do is steer.

All wheel drive costs more than other mowers, and you will need to make a U-turn or change speed in order to change direction, so these mowers are not as maneuverable as those powered by front wheel drive. The added cost and limited mobility, along with a tendency of these mowers to require more maintenance over time, means that unless you have lots of slopes or hilly terrain or have difficulty maneuvering a front wheel mower, these may not be worth it to you.

Front Wheel Drive

Front wheel drive mowers are extremely maneuverable, as you can change the direction simply by tipping the mower onto its back wheels. This makes it a good mower for a yard that requires a lot of turns.

Because this mower uses only its front wheels to steer, it is not as efficient for lawns that have hills or inclines, as you will lose control if the front wheels come off the ground.

These mowers tend to be more affordable than those powered by all wheel drive, so if you want more control than a manual push mower but don’t need to invest in complete control, this may be a good option for you.

Rear Wheel Drive

Mowers that utilize rear wheel drive offer excellent traction, making them good for yards that have hills or incline or even yards with lots of uneven areas or bumps. When you begin to lose control of your lawn mower, your instinct is to push down and into the handles, and this impulse plays into the control of rear-wheel drive, making this an intuitive and safe push behind mower.

Since the control is in the wheels in the back, when you go to make a turn you either need to turn the mower in a U-turn or turn it off in order to put it on the back wheels, creating some frustration if your yard requires lots of turns. You may also find yourself having to push down on this mower in order to gain traction, especially at the beginning before the bag fills up and provides more weight in the rear.

Lawn Mower Start Types

Since powered mowers have been invented, the standard start has been the pull start. Since, innovations in lawn mower design have created new starts as well as new power sources. Most battery operated and electric lawn mowers are powered by a key start or a push button. Even some gas powered lawn mowers now utilize these easy start innovations.

While many seasoned mowers are accustomed to and happy with the pull start model. Those just beginning their lawn mowing experience or those who want a gentler and quieter time mowing. May prefer one of the electric starts.

Key Start

Key start lawn mowers allow you to start your lawn mower as easily as you would start your car. The key is much easier than a traditional pull start. Plus having a separate key provides additional safety, over a push button mower which may be started by children.

Key starts generally come at an increased cost over push button or pull start but if child security is very important to you, a mower equipped with a key start may be a good investment.

Push Button (electric start)

A push button works just like a key start to start your lawn mower quickly and easily with the push of a button. Most lawn mowers do not provide for a child lock or other safety system, so if your electric mower is plugged in, your battery operated mower is charged, or your gas mower is full of gas, a child could start the mower just by pressing the button.

If you are not worried about child-proofing your mower, and keep your mower where children do not have access to it. A push button is the easiest way to start your mower and there is no concern about losing the key.

Pull Start (manual)

The old pull start design is the classic way to start your lawn mower. Plus is still the most common start for gas powered lawn mowers. For many owners of gas powered lawn mowers. The pull start is just a part of gas powered lawn mower ownership. Like changing the spark plugs and making sure that oil and gas is fresh and clean.

For others, especially those switching to electric or battery-powered lawn mowers. A pull start is a frustrating way to begin your mowing experience. Most people experienced in pull starts, do not find them difficult to use. Although for those with strength or mobility concerns, a pull start may be frustrating or even impossible to use.

Grass Discharge Location

No matter what kind of lawn mower you use, the grass clippings have to go somewhere. Whether you want to collect the grass clippings for disposal elsewhere. Or want to recycle them back into the lawn. Will affect what kind of discharge you choose. As well the sort of lawn mower you are considering.

If you are on a riding lawn mower and want to mulch the clippings back into the lawn. You don’t care very much where the discharge occurs, so long as it is even. If, on the other hand, you are walking behind the mower. A mower that spits the clippings back at you can make for a frustrating experience in mowing.

Side Discharge

Lawn mowers that discharge to the side are convenient because you will not step on the clippings while you are mowing. Furthermore, you can choose to have clippings shoot away from pavements or other landscaping. So that you won’t have to worry as much about blowing glass clippings later.

On the other hand, when you turn to do another lap, you may spit clippings back onto the area you’ve mowed. As well as, onto the cement. So you may have to make a couple of passes going one direction. In order to achieve avoiding putting the clippings where you don’t want them.

A side discharge can often be hooked up to a mulching system or a bag. Depending on the model you choose. Such systems eliminate worries about where clippings will end up. Plus make a side discharge mower about the same as a rear.

Rear Discharge

Old fashioned mowers simply chop the grass and leave it in their path. Enthusiastic mowing may result in having grass clippings fly up onto your legs and even into your face. Especially if there is a breeze. Self-propelled Lawn mowers that produce rear discharge, may drop it neatly in front of your feet or may fit with a bag or mulcher. In the worst case scenario a self-propelled lawn mower will shoot the clippings up onto your legs.

Side & Rear Discharge

Lawn mowers that empty to the side and rear attempt to spray out the grass clippings for the best mulching without getting them on your legs. If this is accomplished successfully, these lawn mowers do manage to spread the clippings in a way that will be beneficial for the lawn. But if not done correctly they will shoot up onto your legs. Many of these mowers can also be hooked onto a mulching mechanism or into a bag.


Mulching back into your lawn can be accomplished by your lawn mower in several ways. No matter the strategy you choose, the goal is to scatter the finest possible pieces as widely as possible. So that new grass will not be smothered by the mulch.

The goal is for new grass clippings to be cut up finely and fall onto the surface of the soil. Where microorganisms will rapidly digest them into new food for your growing grass.

If you cut your grass very regularly. No matter what technique you use, even a robotic mulcher. The very fine cuts that are made, will likely naturally fall back into the soil. Therefore very regular trimming is the most natural and affordable way to mulch your trimmings back into your lawn.

It is possible to bag your grass clippings and put them into a mulcher. Then spread that back onto your grass. But this seems like a lot of effort to move something, that was already there and put it back again.

Mulching lawn mowers work by finely chopping clippings as they are cut. Then letting them fall back onto the soil surface. So that the process of mowing and fertilizing, will be continuous without leaving ugly clumps of mown grass all over your lawn.

Adjustable Deck Height

Most lawn mowers feature some degree of adjustable deck height. So that you can achieve the height of trim that you want. The height of the deck will determine the length of the grass. This is why it is best to start on a higher setting and look at the results before you go lower.

Different mowers are adjustable in different ways and mechanisms are different with different models. But in general, deck height will be adjusted utilizing a lever. For all mowers, it is important that the engine is cool and the device completely off. Before adjusting the deck height.

Blade Cut Width

The width of the swath of grass that you cut, will affect many other aspects of your lawn mower. Mowers that cut smaller widths will tend to be smaller and more compact. Therefore more maneuverable than mowers that cut larger widths.

The range is generally from 18 in to 32 in. So there is a good deal of diversity in the blade cut width. Choose a range that will result in a comfortable experience for you. Generally a wider length, if you have lots of grass in a wide area to cut. Or narrower if you have lots of objects to maneuver around.


Bagging and mulching features can be very convenient for you to have on your lawn mower. It is a personal preference whether to bag your lawn clippings or mulch them back into your lawn. It is certainly true putting lawn clippings back into the soil as mulch, will improve the health of your lawn. Without requiring the addition of outside fertilizer.

Even the old fashioned mowers can self mulch, if you trim regularly. Especially if the manual lawn mower spits grass in front of itself. So it will chop it again as it passes over. As well as, helping to drive it down through the blades and onto the surface of the soil.

Lawn mowers do exist, however, that can either bag clippings or mulch them. So that the clippings that end up back on your lawn will be small enough to fall through the grass blades and vanish from the visible view. While being tiny enough to be quickly broken down and dissolved by microorganisms. Keep in mind that the more your lawn mower does, the more there is to break. So a mulching mechanism will be another thing for you to maintain on your lawn mower.


Lawn mowers that utilize all wheel drive, as well as most ride on lawn mowers. Will be excellent at covering a variety of terrain, including inclines. Four wheel drive lawn mowers use all of their wheels to power up inclines as well as control their descent. So that you will not exhaust yourself pushing your lawn mower up a hill or controlling it as it goes down.

If your lawn has a relatively flat surface with few bumps or hills, you may not need four-wheel drive. Finding it better to utilize a front-wheel drive design. That will allow you to lift the front wheels up to easily turn your lawn mower around.

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower

With all the options available, it can be difficult to choose the right mower for your needs. To choose the perfect mower, be honest about your habits and needs. As well as your price range. Calculate the footage of lawn that you need to mow, as well as how easily accessible it is. Whether square or rectangular and whether the lawn is broken up by lots of landscaping or is generally open.

Are you the meticulous sort who likes your lawn to look perfect all the time? Or do you like letting your grass go to seed between mowing sometimes? These are matters of preference, but they will drastically affect the mower you choose.

If you want a perfectly maintained lawn all the time, a robotic mower that trims for you every couple days. Or a simple push behind manual or small battery offered mower may be right for you. So that you can regularly mow your small patch without trouble.

If you have many acres of land to take care of, a push behind may be alright. If you don’t mind walking for some time, but you may want a ride on mower to take care of the job quickly and easily.

If you do most of your mowing very near your house, an electric option may be right for you. But if you are very comfortable with gas tools and don’t mind the sounds or smells from a gas mower. Plus have lots of heavy growth to plow through and not a huge budget to spend on a mower. A gas mower may be the right option for you.

Mowing the lawn is such a universal chore in America. That’s why there are so many options available to meet all sorts of lawns.

Lawn Mower Brands

Lawn mowers are made by a wide range of brands. While some are known for higher quality than others, depending on your needs. You may be surprised by the brand that produces a mower that meets your needs best. Carefully consider the reviews of the individual mower you are considering. As well as, the general reputation of the brand.

John Deere

John Deere is one of the most reliable makers of all sorts of lawn care and home Improvement supplies, including lawn mowers. Their ride on lawn mowers are well known for reliability and durability. With prices ranging from around a couple of thousand, up to over $5,000. These are ride-on mowers and tractors that are a serious investment.

John Deere ride-on mowers that are sold at the dealer. Feature the highest end Kawasaki engines and have long-lasting and heavy-duty transmissions. That results in the heavy duty feel, that will last through the years. Also feels more solid, than those sold at home centers.

The Deere that are sold at home centers are generally more affordable and have a lighter-weight construction. That can still get the job done. But do not perform on the level of those sold at the dealership. If you are looking for a high quality, high-end ride-on mower, one of these great John Deere’s may be good for you.


Honda is a name trusted for reliability in a wide range of products from cars to lawn care. Honda lawn mowers are not cheap, but you can feel confident that you are buying a lawn mower that is meant to last. With the reliable Honda engine.

Honda lawn mowers are easy to start and meet emissions regulations for all 50 states. These powerful lawn mowers will be able to get the job done. No matter which model you choose. Honda makes primarily self-propelled walk behind lawn mowers. So if you are looking for a different model, look elsewhere.


If you like the features Honda has to offer, but can’t afford the high-end price tag in a lawn mower. The Toro is a good affordable option. Toro lawn mowers can offer features, like intuitive self-propulsion and mulching. For a considerably reduced price, compared to high end mowers like those made by Honda.

The Toro is easy to store in your garage or shed, and may accomplish your goals in lawn care for a much more affordable price than a Honda. Know, however, that you are giving up the dependability of the renowned Honda engine for the affordability of Toro.


Troy-Bilt offers a wide variety of walk-behind mowers. You can choose between front wheel, self-propelled, rear wheel self-propelled, push, or four wheel drive self-propelled with mowers from this prolific maker. These mowers are affordable. But offer features to rival much more expensive mowers, like settings for mulch or bag.

While you may not be able to expect a Troy-Bilt mower to perform as well as a more expensive model. Many buyers of Troy-Bilt mowers are happy with their choice.


Craftsman mowers are widely available and provide a ride range from affordable walk behind mowers. To ride-on mowers in the thousands of dollars price range.

In general, Craftsman products are not as expensive or quite as reliable as the most highly priced mowers. But the Craftsman is an old brand that has been producing a wide range of quality home and garden products for a long time. Plus many people are very happy with the affordable mowers provided by Craftsman.


These mowers have a high quality design to make mowing an easier chore for you. The design of these lawn mowers are more compact than competition. Plus the folding handle makes storage and transport easy.

All-wheel drive mowers by Husqvarna offer complete control over your push mower experience for only around $400. The Husqvarna motor is well trusted to provide good and consistent power to your lawn mower.

Poulan Pro

Poulan Pro is made by the same company as Husqvarna. Yet offers a much more affordable price tag. While these mowers may be less expensive, they do tend to come with a reduction in quality, at least to some degree. If you consider yourself handy around a machine, this may not be an issue for you. As most Poulan Pro parts are sold at retail shops or online.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker has been a trusted name for a variety of home and garden tools for many years. Their lawn mowers are no exception. They offer a wide range of lawn mowers, primarily battery powered or electric. They offer some great compact and affordable models. Even heavier-duty models to get the job done. While Black & Decker is not the highest name in quality, they are a generally trusted company that can produce a good affordable lawn mower.


Worx makes primarily small and affordable lawn mowers that can get the job done quickly and easily for a small yard. Most only run for about half an hour, so if you have more than a little mowing to do at a time. This may not be the best lawn mower for you. That said, these lawn mowers are often quite affordable and offer a lot of quality for the price.

Yard Machines

Yard machines, or MTD, makes high-quality yard equipment including lawn mowers from riding, to push, to self propelled. Prices for all models tend to be relatively low and competitive with most other lawn mower makers of this quality. While Yard Machines is not as old or as well known as some other companies. Their brands are supported by a large company which promises good support.


If you are willing to pay higher prices for the greenest and most efficient lawn mower. A lawn mower by Greenworks might be right for you. The rechargeable battery can last up to 70 minutes on a full charge. Meaning that you can get a lot of mowing done. Most of Greenworks mowers are not self-propelled. So you will need to provide the power to push it across your yard. It is, however, easy to maneuver if you do not have many steep hills.


Lawn-Boy lawn mowers are not cheap compared to other mowers in their class. But the easy to handle design may be worth the increased price for some people. Many users have found that the Lawn-Boy brand has decreased in recent years. Leading to less quality products for the price than what used to be available. So do your research before investing in this brand.

What About Warranty?

A warranty is only as good as the company you buy from. Most lawn mowers come with only limited warranties. So carefully consider what a warranty will cover before making a decision with warranty in mind. With some lawn mowers you can buy an extended warranty. So that you can feel good about your purchase decision for years to come. Although stories abound about warranties not being honored for one reason or another.

Carefully read reviews for any particular product and company you are considering. To decide whether a warranty offered by them is worth purchasing. Sometimes the store you buy your lawn mower from will offer an independent warranty. So consider these options as well when making your decision.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

When making a decision about the lawn mower that you want, remember to be honest about your needs and habits. Don’t choose a mower that will not meet your lifestyle. While you may think that you will be in the habit of mowing every few days and can get away with a light-duty manual or simple push behind mower. When the heat of summer comes and you are busy with all of your weekend plans, you may find yourself missing days or weeks. Leaving you with a bit of a jungle in place of a lawn.

While it isn’t a bad idea to allow grass to seed every now and then. So as to self reseed your lawn if you have thin patches. If you choose a lawn mower that is too light duty for the job, you will be left overwhelmed after only a couple weeks of negligence.

If, on the other hand, you choose a lawn mower that is too big and bulky for your needs. You will find yourself making excuses not to pull it out and find yourself using the weed wacker to trim your little patch of yard. Think carefully about how much you actually need to mow. If you have odd patches of grass think about planting them with ground cover or utilizing hardscape so you can restrict your mowing goals.