Best Lawn Mower Reviews Guide For 2015

lawn mower reviewsHi there and welcome to where I’ve created this comprehensive online resource to help you avoid some common mistakes people often make when choosing the best lawn mower for their particular circumstance. You see, not all lawn mowers are created equally, and not all types of lawn mowers will suit your yard. It is my hope that after reading through my lawn mower reviews and watching some of the videos on this website you will have a better idea of what type of mower you want to buy.

What Are You Looking For?





What Type of Lawn Mower Suits Me?

There are a few a questions you should ask yourself to get thinking about the type of mower you really want, and the first one would be how big is your lawn? Is it too big for a typical push mower? What do you want your grass to look like? Do you want it to look like a putting green or just a nice and neat lawn? Do you care about noise and the smell of gas? What about power chords? I hate them and chances are you will to after you run one over, or trip on it!

What about quality? Are you the type of person that looks for the best of everything, or do you just look for a great cash saving deal and are happy to churn and burn through appliances simply replacing them when they wear out?

These are not difficult questions but if you take a few minutes to look at your different options before you pull the trigger and buy, you could end up with a much better suited mower for your needs. Let’s take a look at the different types of lawn mowers out there to get you thinking.

Best Push Mower Reviews

best push lawn mower reviews

Push Lawn Mower

If you have a standard suburban home you may be looking for a simple push mower but even simply searching for the best push mower can lead you off into a number of different directions. You see, the term you may be really needing to search for would be best electric mowers, best gas mowers or best reel mowers, as these should all be covered under push mower reviews, and any one of these machines may be exactly what you’re looking for.

On this site I have dedicated specific pages to push mower reviews for each of these types of mowers so although they may look and operate differently, unless you ride it or it drives itself, it’s a push mower in my books.

To quickly some up the different types of push lawn mowers that I’ve reviewed on this site, they can be driven by either gas, electric power from a cord, a battery, or by manually pushing it as is generally the case with a reel mower. Of this category, electric lawn mowers are the most popular for the average home owner with reel mowers coming in second and gas mowers last.

This was certainly not always the case, and only a few years ago gas mowers dominated the industry so the fact that these machines are now mostly reserved for commercial use is a testament to the ongoing development and engineering the mowing industry has put into making more efficient and eco friendly push lawn mowers.

Best Self Propelled lawn Mower Reviews

best self propelled mower reviews

Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The term self propelled lawn mower basically covers electric and gas lawn mowers that have the extra feature of a gearbox and clutch to effectively drive itself while you walk along behind it and steer. In my opinion its well worth the extra cost and added weight to get one of these machines so take note as you look at some of the best self propelled lawn mowers and consider if your yard is big enough and tough enough to warrant one of these mowers.

One thing to keep in mind with these types of mowers when you are looking at self propelled mower reviews is that the gearbox can only take so much punishment before it requires maintenance, or worse, replacing. So for this reason I would recommend that you don’t cheap out and buy a poor quality self propelled mower as you will regret it down the track when the expensive repairs start rolling in.

With these types of mowers, it’s more important than ever to make sure the warranty covers the mower and all its components and has a sufficient coverage period. The best self propelled lawn mowers will have at least a 2 year warranty on all parts but some manufactures will offer more. Take note when you see “GreenWorks” models when looking through self propelled lawn mower reviews because they currently offer a standard 4 year warranty on all their gear at the time of writing.

Best Gas Lawn Mower Reviews

push lawn mowerWhen the average person thinks of a lawn mower this is what they’re thinking about. This type of mower is typically a gas powered lawn mower (although an electric mower is also a push mower) and range from small light machines to big heavy industrial self propelled beasts.

What I like: The most solid choice of mower for the average person with a decent size yard.

What I don’t like: Gas push mowers require fuel and make noise and bad smells which may offend some people.

Starting Price: $130

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Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

electric lawn mowerElectric Lawn Mowers are a small step down from a gas mower in my opinion are more suited to smaller and flatter suburban lawns. If you have ever offered to mow your grandmas lawn as a kid she possibly dug up one of these out of the shed, probably complete with a power cord. These machines are light and easy to use and they require no fuel which means running them is cheap (the main reason grandma loves them). They can be either battery powered or cord powered and there are even self propelled models available.

Repairs can be expensive on these machines also so be prepared to replace it if you buy a cheap one and it if breaks down. Also the battery can run flat mid cut so make sure it’s well charged up before you use it, or look into getting yourself a spare battery.

What I like: They are cheap to run and very quite.

What I Don’t Like: Power chords – I hate them! Battery life can also be an issue.

Starting Price: $130

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Best Reel Lawn Mower Reviews

reel lawn mowerIf have you no access to power or gas and you’re sick and tired of getting down on your hands and knees and cutting your grass with a pair of scissors then a reel lawn mower is for you! There is no maintenance, noise or running costs required with these guys. One a more serious note though, if you do have short grass, small areas and / or limited access these machines are a good option. I’ve always had one on hand and it’s saved me a few times. You must have a smooth surface and short grass for these machines to be worth your while though.

What I Like: No blade catching and dreaded white patches where the blades bite to deep into the grass.

What I don’t like: Generally no grass catcher, very slow and very limited use.

Starting Price: $60

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Riding Lawn Mowers and Lawn Tractors

riding lawn mowerAt the opposite end of the scale to reel mowers, riding mowers can be thought of more as a mini tractor. These are perfect for large areas of a few acres or more where you can just sit back and drive it around. They are unmatched in their flexibility as far as attachments are concerned and you can turn these machines into snow ploughs for winter or use it as a quad with a trailer attachment. As you can imagine, it’s not your typical suburban lawn mower.

Riding or tractor mowers can be difficult to manoeuvre in areas where there are obstacles to get around such as trees and big rocks.

What I like: Doubles as a tractor with almost unlimited applications.

What I Don’t Like: Big, noisy, expensive to run and maintain and hard to manoeuvre.

Starting Price: $950

Zero Turn Mowers

zero turn lawn mowerZero turn mowers are the best option if you have a large area to mow and some trees or other obstacles to get around. They are fast and efficient and handle very well. As name suggests, they have a zero degree turning radius meaning they can turn around on the spot. Naturally they are more expensive to buy and run than push mowers, setting you back a few thousand dollars for a decent machine.

When comparing a zero turn mower to a Riding Mower think of a Ferrari compared to a Sports SUV. The zero turn mower is the Ferrari and is designed to be the ultimate grass cutting machine where as the Riding Mower is designed to be able to do more than just cut grass so the while the handling may not be as good, you will have a very hard time trying to plough snow in winter with a zero turn mower!

What I like: Fast and efficient in large areas.

What  I Don’t Like: Big, heavy and not as flexible as a riding mower.

Starting Price: $2300

Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Now that I have covered the different types of mowers available on the market let’s take a look at which mower is best suited for your particular needs by looking at a few key factors.

How Big is Your Yard?

If you have a small area that is well taken care of, a small electric mower will do just fine but I would recommend trying to avoid a corded machine. I would go for a light small battery powered mower that is easy to move around, quite and cheap to run.

If you have a bigger yard, say around half an acre to an acre, I would go with a gas mower and look to get myself a mid-sized to large self propelled gas mower.

If you have a few acres and you want your lawn nice and neat your best option is a zero turn mower. If you’re not worried about neatness though, and you just want to avoid losing the kids in the grass, or maybe you want more features than just a grass cutter, look at getting yourself a riding mower.

What Type of Terrain Do You Have?

If you have an average size yard but it’s not flat I would get a self propelled gas or electric mower. I would also recommend a self propelled gas or electric mower if you have a lot of obstacles to get around as you don’t have to manually muscle the mower forward and back all the time.

Do You Need More Than A Mower?

This applies more so if you have a large property or farm, but consider if you need more than just a mower when looking at a zero turn machine verse a riding or tractor mower. Your mower can double as a quad for hauling if you pick a lawn tractor.

Is There Anything Else?

Yes, get a decent warranty. Lawn mowers are notorious for having issues if you use them often. If you have a self propelled machine you can add a gearbox to the list of things that can and will break. If you buy a cheap lawn mower with a short warranty be prepared to bin it and buy a new one if need be. Replacing a motor or gear box on a cheap machine out of warranty is often not worth the cost.

I’m sure you don’t need to be told that you often get what you pay for so keep that in mind when your shopping for you new mower. In my option, if you’re on a tight budget there is nothing wrong with buying a cheap mower but at the very least shop around for a decent warranty and understand the risk of out of warranty repairs.

Lawn Mowing Hints & Tips Video

Check out this video for some handy hints and tips on how to get the most out of your new mower once you buy it, and make sure your grass is looking as good as possible.

My Humble Opinion

Now that we’ve covered all that, as the previous owner of a lawn mowing business there are two questions that I get asked all the time. The first is “can you cut my grass for cheap?” and the second is “what type of lawn mower do you recommend?” I will not cut your grass for cheap but I will answer the second question:

“What type of lawn mower do you recommend?”

Now I’ve owned and used every category of mower mentioned on this website and the versatility of a decent self propelled gas lawn mower is second to none in my opinion. Being able to just pull the clutch means that most of your time is spent walking behind and steering and not physically muscling the machine around. The good ones have different speeds so if you have heavy long grass to cut just turn the speed down and let the motor muscle through it. If you have a lot of trees and boulders you can do the same, just keep the speed low and concentrate on steering.

A word of caution though….

Be easy on the clutch and try to get a good quality self propelled mower because the gearbox can’t take endless punishment. Look after it and look for a decent warranty.

What if I have a bigger than average yard? Still the same answer, but look for a wider blade so you can do fewer lines and save some time. At one point I owned both a riding mower and a zero turn mower but I rarely used them and ended up selling them both. Plus if they break down it’s never cheap.

So for the average person with an average lawn, do yourself a favor and look into a self propelled mower, either gas or electric.

Oh and also here’s another tip….

From reading the content above you may have assumed I’m against reel lawn mowers right? Quite the opposite, I have always had an old reel mower with me and I think every man should have one buried away in the shed. You can pull it back out in 5 years time, hit with some oil and away she goes, as good as new. It will never blow a motor or gearbox on you!

Now It’s Over To You

If you’ve made it this far you’re now armed with all the information you need to decide what the best type of lawn mower is for you. Once you’ve decided what type of mower you want to buy you can take a look at the various lawn mower reviews I have done for the top mowers in each category.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my lawn mower guide and I would be happy to hear from you with any questions or comments that may make this site a better resource for future visitors so please leave a comment below to start a conversation.

best lawn mower

Enjoy and Good Luck, by Tony Chappell