Aerating and Seeding Your Lawn

Aerating and Seeding Your LawnOne of the best ways to improve the appearance and thickness of your lawn is through the process of aeration and seeding. There are a number of reasons aerating and seeding is effective but the main reason is that the process reduces soil compaction which allows more oxygen into the soil. This allows for the roots of both plants and grass to take nutrients and water much more easily and efficiently.

Have you ever tried to suck a think shake through a small straw but then switched to a bigger straw? That’s basically how the grass and plant roots feel after aeration.

The process of aeration is simply removing soil cores from the lawn and can be done either by hand or with a machine. Aerating machines can pull up thousands of small 1 to 2 inch cores on an average sized lawn so it’s well worth the effort of getting your hands on one of these machines.

The best way aerate you lawn is to do a double run in a criss cross pattern, which means just pretending that you’re mowing the grass twice but in a different direction. The more holes you make for the seeds the better the end result will be in achieving a lusher and thicker lawn.

When you’ve done pulling up the cores, be sure to leave them on the surface of your lawn and let them break down naturally and be absorbed back into the grass. There are microbes and nutrients in these cores that will benefit your grass.

When it comes to seeding make sure you use the right amount of seed for your particular grass. This varies so you need to check to check this with your seed supplier. Apply the seeds in a criss cross pattern the same way you aerated the lawn. It’s important to note that the seeds must go down into the soil to draw nutrients and grow. If they are left on top of the grass the entire process will be much less effective.

Once you’ve applied the seeds, use a metal mat to back drag over the lawn which helps push the seeds into the holes. When you do this you will notice all the little seeds jumping up into the air trying to get into the holes!

Here is a video which shows the process visually and also some extra information such as the best time of year to aerate and seed your lawn depending on your location and your type of grass. Enjoy!