Best Commercial Weed Eater String Trimmer Reviews For 2015

best commercial weed eaterProfessional gardeners need the best commercial weed eater in their list of equipment. Weed eaters play an important role in gardening tasks. If you didn’t know, weed eaters or string trimmers are used to trim tall weeds and grass. Lawnmowers, on the other hand, are used to even out or polish the cut. Aside from grass and weeds, string trimmers are also used to trim overgrown hedges and trees. Sure, a professional gardener can use a hand shearer but why go through so much trouble when a weed eater can make things a whole lot easier?

However, there are certain things that one would need to consider when choosing a commercial weed eater. For your reference, we have listed them out for you.

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Here’s our list of best commercial string trimmer brands and models worth looking into:

ImageManufacturerMotor TypePower SourcePriceRating
TBC-340PF Tanaka
2-CycleGas$$$$$$4.5 Stars
2-CycleBattery$$$4.5 Stars
2-CycleGas$$4.3 Stars
2-CycleGas$$$4.2 Stars
2-CycleGas$$4.1 Stars

1. Budget

If you want a commercial weed eater that can withstand heavy workloads and long hours of use, you need to be ready to shell out some big bucks. It’s really not a good idea to go for a weed eater that is under $100 if you intend to use it for your landscaping business. The best commercial weed eater for professional gardeners are usually priced somewhere between $250 to $400.

2. 2 Cycle or 4 Stroke?

4 stroke weed eaters are definitely easier to use because they’re pretty much “start and go”. However, they tend to guzzle up gas really fast. Aside from this, they don’t give out as much power as 2 cycle string trimmers.

On the other hand. 4 cycle string trimmers also offer some benefits. They are easier to use because all you need to do is load up some gasoline. They also don’t make as much noise. Some gardeners prefer 4 stroke trimmers because these can be used in residential areas with strict zoning laws against noise and air pollution. Read through our reviews of the best 4 cycle string trimmers here to know more.

Although 2 cycle weed eaters are not very eco-friendly, they do have a lot of advantages over 4 stroke weed eaters. First, they don’t drink up as much fuel. Second, they give out more power. Next, they are very durable. Last, they offer both short term and long term benefits in terms of cost. For this reason, 2 cycle weed eaters are very popular in the landscaping industry.

3. Gas, Electric, or Battery powered?

Each of these have their advantages and disadvantages. A gas string trimmer offers the most mobility without having to worry about batteries dying down. But they are very noisy and exhume toxic fumes. On the other hand, electric and battery powered weed eaters are quieter and eco-friendly but do not give out enough power for heavy workloads. Before you decide on this factor, make sure you’ve already figured out how you will be using the weed eater you are looking to buy.

4. Commercial Weed Eater Reviews

These days, commercial weed eater reviews are pretty much all you need to decide which is the best commercial string trimmer for your business. Not only will you read both positive and negative feedback regarding a weed eater model, you will also learn tips and tricks shared by other people. Basically, the best way to know which commercial weed eater will suit your needs the most is to do your research.