Best Reel Mower Reviews Guide For 2018

As you might have guessed, reel mowers were the very first generation of lawn mowers. It’s remarkable to look at the sophisticated types of absolutely no turn riding mowers readily available today and think that they actually evolved from the most fundamental kind of reel mower.

The reel category of lawn mowers are still preferred today and while they remain the most basic form of lawn mowers on the market, even these devices have evolved considerably, with some models being extremely near an electrical lawn mower with assisted cutting technology and even lawn clipping catchers.

Reel Mower Comparison Table


How They Work

These devices typically have a cylinder shaped body with a number of blades that are linked to the wheels so the blades rotate and cut as you push the mower forward. They have few moving parts and as a result are a much simpler maker than an electric or gas push mower.


There are a variety of advantages when selecting this kind of lawn mower over another type of lawn mower, however some of these may also be thought about negatives, such as not having a battery.

  • No pull cord
  • No spark plugs to change
  • No battery to charge
  • No rocks and shrapnel flying around
  • No running expenses


The downside of owning among these makers is that everything is manual, and while there are designs that have gears to assist you with cutting they generally require more manual labor to operate. You will also have to clear the yard of any twigs as these machines will not deal with them so easily.

  • Totally manual operation
  • Can be tough to do the edges
  • Hard lawn is a killer
  • Should not have rocks or twigs in backyard
  • Should have an extremely level surface area

Great Deals On Our Recommendations

Like all the other types of mower on the marketplace, this specific item market is evolving and expanding so you might be shocked to see some of the alternatives offered to you as far as these devices are concerned. There are many more alternatives readily available than the common old-fashioned machine you may be considering so let’s have a look at a couple of.

Scotts 2000-20S

Learn More About The Scotts 2000-20 Here

The Scotts 2000-20S is one of the stand out reel grass cutters on the marketplace. It’s been well tried and tested and has actually shown to be a really solid and dependable choice that can handle the majority of kinds of lawn. This is a preferred mower and appropriately so.

The Great States Scotts 2000-20S features battle wheels (10 inch front and 6″ back) to give you additional stability and aid to manage the mower. The cutting blades include 5– 20 inch blades that can be adapted to 9 various levels with a simple adjuster.

The weight of this mower is around 34 pounds.

Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp

Learn More About The Fiskars 6201 Here

The Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp is a very intriguing looking maker as it does not conform to the typical design of exactly what a reel type lawn mower appears like. This development in style causes this device being as close as you can get to a full blown electric mower. It utilizes “InertiaDrive” innovation which uses gears to assist drive the lawn mower as you press it which is an extremely welcome development. As a result of this extra innovation, the weight of this maker is 52 pounds, which is heavier than typical and the typical rate is likewise up around $185.

The cutting blade is 23.5 inches and the blades use StaySharp innovation which makes sure the blades stay sharper for longer. Another distinct feature of this machine is that the grass clippings are thrown forward so they do not wind up covering you feet.

GreenWorks 5-Blade

Learn More About The GreenWorks Here

The GreenWorks brand name is a huge gamer in the reel market and this specific model comes in 3 various sizes which comprise of 16 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch cutting blades respectively. All these models feature 10 inch wheels and helical blades, and the expense for all three of these models remains in the $80 to $90 range.

These models also feature a turf clipping catcher which is rather special for this category of mower.

All GreenWorks items come with a 4 year guarantee which is double the market requirement of 2 years so this producer definitely waits their products. They likewise put a lot of effort into making excellent looking lawn mowers with as many helpful features as possible.

Great States 415-16SK1

Learn More About The Great States 415-16SK1 Here

It just wouldn’t be good reel lawn mower evaluates page without a standard looking model of lawn mower to show off, so with the Great States 415-16SK1 that’s exactly what we have. This original looking device has 16 inch cutting blades and 10 inch ball bearing wheels. It also has actually heat treated blades and is powder coated to help avoid rust.

The weight of this maker is very low being available in at just 26 pounds and the typical expense is around $90.

While this lawn mower may not look like much when compared to a few of the other designs evaluated here, it is a really solid and trustworthy mower. While the other manufacturers were off adding fancy functions and innovating with various ideas Great States just made the initial style tougher, more powerful and better.

How to Pick the very best Reel Mower For You

Prior to you head out and order a reel type lawn mower you should really take some time to think about your exact requirements and requirements. Reel lawn mowers can be an extremely bad choice in particular situations so let’s take a look at some of the important things you need to think about prior to purchasing.

Is Your Lawn Flat?

When I state flat here I actually mean no bumps. You can still utilize a reel mower on a hilly surface area but the ground has to flat so the blades do not bounce and catch due to the fact that this will stop you in your tracks. With electrical or gas mowers, the blades will still turn and do the cutting for you however not with these machines, when you stop pressing it stops cutting.

Size of Backyard

Is your yard too huge to press your lawn mower around? If so, there are options offered to assist you press it around such as the “InertiaDrive” provided by the Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp.


If you do decide you want to choose a design that has more bells and whistles it will weigh more and be heavier to manoeuvre around and this may be an issue for you.
Kind of Lawn

This is a big indicate think about because many people grumble about the fact that reel lawn mowers don’t work and are inefficient however in reality, they just purchased the incorrect type.

If you have difficult grass such as St Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia you must opt for a heavy mower as the extra weight will help you drive through the tougher yard.

If you have light yard you must look at a lighter design since the additional weight is not needed and will just make your mower sink into the grass.

Tough grass = heavy mower.


Sand is a killer for this kind of lawn mower. If you have sandy soil the lawn mower will be very tough to turn and it will typically sink and bite into the lawn which is very aggravating.


If you have a lot of edging to do you should look for a design that is developed to assist with edging. The wheels will typically obstruct and make edging very hard so look at the Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp which has a distinct design to help with edging.
Do you need a Catcher?

If you want to use a yard clipping catcher your search will be narrowed down quite a bit and the best solution for you would be one of the GreenWorks models.


Now you’re armed with great deals of understanding to help you first of all choose if a reel mower is the ideal item for you and if so, to choose the best reel lawn mower model for you.