Best Trimmer Line – Weed Eater Line Reviews For 2015

best trimmer lineA weed eater is a very handy tool to have around the garden. It can cut tall grass and weed in hard to reach places such as under trees, lawn edges or flower beds, and so on. Instead of blades, weed eaters are equipped with special nylon lines called trimmer lines. Trimmer lines wear out over time so they need to be replaced occasionally.

Since these best weed eater line do the actual cutting, it is very important to choose the best trimmer lines for your weed eater. To do so, you must educate yourself on the different types of trimmer lines available in the market.

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Different Types of Trimmer Lines

The type of line you use on your weed eater is just as important as the equipment itself. After all, it is the line that actually cuts the grass.

Here are the different types of trimmer lines you can choose from:

1. Round Trimmer Line

The round trimmer line is the standard type of line used in weed eaters for residential use. According to line trimmer reviews, round trimmer lines are best for lawns with small weeds. Compared to other types of lines, round lines are more durable and can be used to trim grass along pavements and in between walkways.

2. Multi-sided Trimmer Line

Multi-sided trimmer lines are best used on commercial weed eaters because they can cut through thick grass and weeds. However, they break easily when they come in contact with stone, cement, or fences. Multi-sided trimmer lines can either be star-shaped, square, or pentagon.

3. Serrated Trimmer Line

Serrated trimmer lines are the best choice for professional gardeners or landscapers who frequently work on large areas of land that are overrun with tall and thick weeds. The serrated sides act like teeth that can cut through thick weeds quickly and precisely.

4. Twisted Trimmer Line

If you are looking for a trimmer line that can handle industrial grass cutting work, a twisted line would be your best bet. It is an upgraded version of a round trimmer line because it can give you a precise even cut but is more durable against obstacles like pavements, fences, and rocks.

Choosing the best string trimmer line to use on your weed eater can be a bit overwhelming seeing as you will be presented with a lot of options. The key here is to know the thickness of the grass and weeds you will be dealing with. Also, it is important that you read the manual of your weed eater because it will give you a recommendation on what type of line to use.

Choosing the Best Trimmer Line for Your Weed Eater

Picking the best trimmer depends on how you will be using your weed eater. The general rule is: the heavier the work, the thicker your line should be. For example, battery operated weed eaters can only handle light to medium work so only lines meant for that type of work should be used. However, you would also need to take note of the types of grass and weeds you will be cutting. To make shopping for a trimmer line easier, here is a table you can use as reference.

Type of WorkPre-Cut LineSpooled Line
Light to Medium Work.065″ 5-Sided Line
.08″ Round Line
Medium to Heavy Work.095″ Square Line
.099″ Serrated Line
.095″ 5-Sided Line
.105″ Square Line
Very Heavy Work.130″ Square Line
.168″ Serrated Line
.130″ Twisted Line
.170″ Square Line

If you are a professional gardener, it is highly recommended that you have different types of trimmer lines readily available when you go out on a job. There’s no telling what type of weeds and grass you will be tackling on the field. Before you start hoarding at the hardware store, you should take time out to read line trimmer reviews written by fellow professional gardeners like you. That way, you can get an idea of what brands are the best value for your buck.