Best Weed Eater Reviews Guide For 2018

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Prior to you can decide which is the best weed eater for you, you first have to understand just what this tool is. A weed eater is a necessary tool for every DIY property owner who likes to keep their yards properly maintained and completely manicured. It can be utilized to trim and sculpture hedges, shape trees, and cut yard at the edges of yards. If you have a little yard but would rather not deal with a turf shear, a weed trimmer may be enough for your lawn cutting needs.

Contrary to its name, weed eaters don’t “consume lawn”. Rather, it cuts or whacks off the top of high weeds and grass. Naturally, you would have to manage weeds to the root if you want to avoid it from growing back. Although there are weed eater reviews which include brands and designs that can make close cuts.

Weed eaters are also called string trimmers, weed wackers, edge trimmers, and trimmers.

Differences Between a Weed Eater and a Lawn Mower

Prior to we talk about the difference between a weed eater and a mower, let’s speak about their resemblances.

The best string trimmer and a mower basically do the same thing. They cut lawn. Like a mower, weed eaters can also be powered by electrical energy or gas, depending upon your preference.

When it comes to life-span, both kinds of devices can last many years as long as you take care of them effectively. A typical idea among Do It Yourself homeowners is that lawn mowers are more strong because of their constructed. Thus, lawn mowers will last longer. This is not the case especially if you acquire the very best weed eater in the market.



Weed Eaters

trimmer motorWeed eaters are utilized mainly to cut grass in areas lawn mowers cannot reach state, the edges of a flower bed or around trees. This gardening devices is vital to houses with yards that have actually been expertly landscaped.

Instead of blades, weed whackers are geared up with strings that rotates at high speeds when powered up. The speed gives the string the capability to cut through grass like a knife. While a the very best weed trimmer can certainly be utilized to cut turf in little lawns, this is not recommended. It is necessary to note that weed eaters are hand-held. Thus, you would need to be really careful in keeping it at the right height at all times so the height of the yard is even. This can get extremely exhausting in the long run because even the best weed wacker in the market carries a bit of weight.

Lawn Mowers

Mower are utilized to cut yards with large areas of yard. They are geared up with sharp blades which rotate when powered up or pressed. Some models give the operator the option to lower or raise the blades so the yard can be cut to their preferred height.

There are 2 kinds of mowers — push mowers and riding lawn mowers.

As the name suggests, push mowers need to be pushed around the lawn. There are 3 types of push mowers offered in the market– electrical, gas, and reel mowers. Electric and gas lawn mowers are undeniably much easier to utilize due to the fact that you just have to direct it around your yard. Nevertheless, these are not cost efficient and are not really “green”. Reel lawn mowers, on the other hand, are great if you want to save cash and keep an environmentally friendly home. Likewise, it’s a great alternative if you wish to get in a little bit of a workout as you trim your lawn.

Riding lawn mowers are best for those who would rather not tension over something as easy trimming a lawn. This kind of lawn mower is driven around a lawn not pushed. Only electrical and gas powered riding lawn mowers are readily available in the market today. A held up owning this kind of lawn mower is you have to have adequate space in your shed to save it. For this reason, riding mowers are normally better for industrial use or for those who have huge yards.

What Kind Of String Trimmer Should I Purchase?

Your decision on which is the right weed eater to buy will depend upon a variety of things. First however, let’s go over the different kinds of string trimmers offered in the market.

1. Cordless Weed Eaters/ Trimmers

There are two kinds of cordless weed eaters– gas and battery powered.

Battery powered cordless weed eaters top the very best string trimmer reviews since they are the most environment-friendly. These types of trimmers leave no carbon footprint. Battery cordless string trimmers are noiseless so you can have the tendency to your yard in the middle of the night without waking up the neighborhood. That it is cordless likewise makes it really convenient as this eliminates the need for extension cords.

Another good idea about battery cordless weed eaters is that they are very low maintenance. You only need to tube down the strings when you’re done utilizing it and save it a dry place.

However, you would need to be extremely careful when choosing a battery cordless weed eater. The first thing you have to search for is the power output of the battery. You see, the quantity of electrical energy produced is important in identifying the turning speed of the strings. The faster the strings rotate, the more reliable it remains in cutting yard.

The Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer is thought about as the very best weed trimmer in the battery powered cordless classification. This specific design can be transformed to a lawn edger thus making it easier for users to trim lawn edges precisely since they have more control over the devices. Many weed eater evaluations have offered this weed eater a 4.5 ranking based on feedback from customers.

Bear in mind that cordless weed eaters may be a little much heavier than electrical powered ones because of the battery or the gas tank. Make certain to “check drive” the design you are thinking about before you buy it to make sure you’re all right with the weight.

2. Electric Weed Eaters/ Trimmers

Next in our list of weed trimmer reviews … Electric weed eaters are another favorite in weed wacker evaluations. These types of string trimmers need to be plugged in when in use. Although they do make a some sound, it’s absolutely nothing compared to gas powered ones.

The very best feature of electrical weed eaters is they are lighter compared with gas or battery powered trimmers. They are likewise the most affordable type of weed eater in the market. The most significant disadvantage to owning an electrical weed eater is the hassle caused by carrying an extension cable around as you trim your lawn. If you have an extension cable long enough to go around you lawn, then excellent since your mobility won’t be restricted. However if you do not, you would have to buy one and this means an added expense.

Power won’t be an issue when it comes to electric weed eaters because it will depend on the output of your electric outlet. Remember though that you would still need to inquire about the power performance of the design you are aiming to purchase as it will add to your electricity bill.

Electric weed eaters are easy to use and extremely low upkeep. They can be powered up a push of a button and they don’t have to be maintained from time to time. This makes it a fantastic option for females who enjoy to garden.

The GreenWorks 21272 5.5 Amp 15 ″ Corded String Trimmer is the most rated weed eater in weed wacker reviews. It is multi-functional, easy to use, and ergonomic.

3. Gas Powered Weed Eaters/ Trimmers

Gas powered weed eaters are the best choice for gardeners who are checking out weed trimmer evaluates trying to find trimmers that can handle strong work. These kinds of machines are among the best string trimmers and are offered in two types of variations– 2 stroke and 4 stroke. Regardless of its faults, a lot of gardeners still choose gas powered weed eaters. Here’s why:

Gas powered weed eaters offer more power compared to electric trimmers. They can manage cutting tall lawn, weeds, as well as small branches.

They’re easier to use. You will not need to establish extension cords. You do not have to fret about your trimmer’s battery running out in the middle of a job. All you have to do is fill up the tank with gas and you ready to go.

Because gas powered trimmers are more effective than electrical weed eaters, you can get more performed in a much shorter amount of time. Therefore, they are thought about on of the top rated weed eater for the cash by professional garden enthusiasts.

If you are thinking about acquiring a gas powered weed eater, it is important to also understand the drawbacks of owning one.

Gas powered weed eaters are by no means cost-effective. Given that they give out more power, they also take in a lot of gas. And these days, gas rates seem to hike up every day.

They are not environment-friendly. These types of trimmers discharge fumes that are hazardous to both the environment and your health. Needless to say, gas trimmers might not be the very best weed wackers for environmentally conscious property owners.

They require a little maintenance since gas trimmers have a great deal of moving parts that need to be checked and maintained to ensure smooth function of the devices.

Gas powered weed eaters need to be drawn in order to begin. This can be an inconvenience to some individuals, especially females.

According to numerous evaluations, gas trimmers are really, really loud. One review author even said her husband could hear her trimming their lawn from a block away. If you have next-door neighbors who are sensitive to noise, this is absolutely not the type of weed eater for you.

4. Battery Powered Weed Eaters/ Trimmers

Battery powered weed eaters are the top option of homeowners who take care of their yards by themselves. They do not discharge harmful fumes thus making them extremely eco-friendly. They likewise don’t make any sound. If you reside in a community with strict zoning laws, this may not be the best weed whacker for you.

Modern technologies have made it possible for makers to produce battery powered weed eaters that can handle lots of hours of use. Some models can even deal with as much work as one tank of on a gas powered string trimmer. This offers it a big benefit over gas trimmers.

The majority of battery powered weed eaters include adjustable shafts and can be transformed to a lawn edger. For this reason, expert gardeners also purchase battery powered weed eaters despite the fact that it is not really suggested for commercial usage. After all, it is always great to have back up devices in case their main tool stops working in the middle of a task.

The power of battery run string trimmers still doesn’t match up to gas weed eaters. For that reason, they are only recommended for house owners who have small or medium sized yards. While it is capable of cutting thick lawn and weeds, the cut will not be even. Therefore, you will be entrusted to a yard that looks patchy. Also, battery powered weed eaters take a very long time to charge. This makes it troublesome for expert gardeners since if the battery goes out in the middle of the day, half of the day will be lost due to the fact that it will take that long to charge. Nevertheless, it has sufficient power to utilize on small jobs such as simply trimming lawn and flower bed edges.

5. 4-Cycle String Trimmers

4-cycle string trimmers are gas ran. 2-cycle trimmers operate on a mixture of oil and gas. 4-cycle string trimmers on the other hand, run just on gas. This makes it easier to utilize due to the fact that you will not have to mix the right ratio of oil and gas like you would if you had a 2-cycle string trimmer. This conserves users a great deal of time and the threat of ruining the engine because of the use of inadequately measured gas-oil mix.

These types of trimmers are much easier to begin and keep as 4-cyle engines have less movable parts. Likewise, 4-cycle string trimmers are fairly quieter and exhaust less hazardous fumes. This

However, it can likewise get more expensive in the long run as you would be utilizing more gas. Inning accordance with weed wacker evaluations, owners of 4-cyle weed eaters needed to fill their trimmers up with a great deal of gas before it would actually begin. This may not appear like a big deal however it might cause unneeded aggravation in the long run. For example, if the level of gas falls low, it may stop operating then you’ll be entrusted to an incomplete task. For this reason, you always need to have an additional gallon or two of gas in your shed to if you decide to own a 4-cycle weed eater.

Professional gardeners choose to adhere to 2-cycle string trimmers due to the fact that it is a lot more economical. Then again, they deal with these types of tools on a daily basis so things like mixing gas and oil, the noise, and upkeep are not things they worry about. However if you are a basic house owner who wishes to DIY your garden, a 4-cyle weed eater might be a more convenient choice.

6. Industrial Weed Eaters/Trimmers

Business weed eaters need to be high powered and durable because they will be handling heavy work. Commercial weed eaters are typically gas or corded electric timmers. Among the two however, gas powered trimmers are more popular among professional garden enthusiasts.

The primary reason why professional garden enthusiasts prefer gas powered weed eaters is unrestricted movement. State for instance you will be landscaping a 1,000 square meter yard. If you will be dealing with a corded weed eater, you would have to have an extension cord that is long enough to go around that huge of a yard. What if you get a task that does not have an electrical outlet? If you own a gas powered string trimmer, you will not need to stress over these things. This is why business garden enthusiasts have the tendency to stick to gas powered weed eaters.

Additionally, gas powered weed eaters are more strong in general. This is not to say that there is no risk of overheating due to the fact that there is. The important things is though, these types of trimmers only need about half an hour of rest and they ready to go again. Corded electric trimmers take a little more time to recover thus making it a little inconvenient for business garden enthusiasts.

Prior to you acquire a weed eater, ensure to let the sales assistant know that it will be meant for business use. This way, only tried and tested trimmers will be presented to you.

The Husqvarna 224L 17-Inch 25cc 4-Stroke Specialist Straight Shaft String Trimmer comes extremely suggested in business string trimmer evaluation websites. Unlike most gas powered string trimmers, this design includes smart start innovation thus making it simpler and faster to start up. It weighs about 12 pounds with a full tank of gas. This makes it simple to bring around on big tasks.

7. Corded String Trimmers

Corded string trimmers are terrific for homes with small to medium sized lawns. Due to that it does not have a gas tank or a battery, it is the lightest kind of weed eater among the bunch. It does not make too much of a sound and leaves no carbon footprint.

A problem with this kind of trimmer is limited mobility. This is why it is not suggested for those with big lawns. Unless obviously, you don’t mind the inconvenience of having a long extension cord behind you as you deal with your lawn. However, it is necessary to remember that an extension cable may be an added expense if you do not already own one. If you are considering purchasing a corded string trimmer since it is less expensive than a battery operated one, consider the cost of purchasing an extension cable together with the trimmer. In the end, it may be wise to stay with a battery powered weed eater if the expenses are even.

A corded electrical string trimmer has its strengths as well. For something, it has more power than the ones that include a battery. Another is the fact that you will not need to wait on it to charge up prior to you can utilize it. Last but not least, it is the lightest kind of string trimmer in the market. Corded weed eaters only weigh about 5 to 7lbs. There are even models that weigh less than that. This makes it simpler to use and wield.

Things to Consider When Selecting the very best Weed Wacker for Your Needs

Now that you understand the various kinds of weed eaters offered, it’s time to make your choice. Here are some of the important things you would have to think about before you go to the store to buy one.

The Size of Your Yard

The size of your yard plays a huge factor in figuring out whether or not you can get a corded weed eater or not. If your lawn is big, you would be better off with a battery or a gas powered string trimmer. If you have a little or medium sized lawn, a corded weed eater will be enough.


Will your weed eater be for individual use or are a professional garden enthusiast? If you are the latter, it is extremely advised that you opt for a gas ran string trimmer because they have high-powered and extremely long lasting.

Your Time

If you desire a string trimmer that can finish the job quick, it is extremely recommended that you get a high powered trimmer. Likewise, bear in mind that some designs will require maintenance. If you do not have the time to frequently preserve your devices, choose a zero-maintenance weed eater.

Your Budget plan

String trimmer rates vary from $70 to as much as $500. It is important that you establish a budget plan before you go to the store to buy one since it is simple to get drawn into buying a pricey model “even if”. Keep in mind that an expensive weed eater does not always indicate that it is the most efficient. Do your research and note down the brand names and models of string trimmers that fulfill your requirements.

Weed Eaters in a Nutshell

Now that we have discussed the different kinds of weed eaters, it will be a little much easier for you to decide which one would appropriate for your needs. There are lots of available details on this site which can help you make a final decision. Furthermore, you can review string trimmer examines so you know what other are stating about the a particular weed eater brand and model.