Black & Decker CM1936 Lawn Mower Review

Black & Decker CM1936 Lawn Mower Review

My Personal Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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I’d like to start off this particular review by saying that I’m a very big fan of this machine and I believe that if you are looking for an electric lawn mower and you don’t mind the $349 price tag of this machine then just go ahead and buy it. We’ve all spent hours lost the depths of the internet reading countless facts and statistic before buying something so if you’re unsure what to buy and you just want the best electric lawn mower, here it is!

Black & Decker CM1936

Removing The Battery

Ok now on with the review. The Black & Decker CM1936 is self propelled cordless battery powered mower featuring a decent 19 inch cutting width. The battery is removable and 36 volts, and can either pulled out to charge or left in the mower and charged up in place to save you taking it out if you so wish. There is an easy push button that instantly lights up a small panel showing you how much battery life is left also. This particular battery actually runs down much faster the first few times you use the machine but after it’s been run down and charged a few times it will hold its charge much better.

Black & Decker Underside

The Blade

Starting the mower requires a special key but there actually two ways to run this machine. Once you insert the key you can begin driving the mower by pulling in the self propelled lever without engaging the blades. To engage the blades you need to push an orange button on the side and pull an additional lever. This feature is great as you can drive the mower around without the blades spinning which is very safe and very quite.  Like most electric mowers, when running, this machine is very quiet so you can have a conversation at a normal talking voice level whilst operating the machine.

Tip: Some people have reported that the rear wheels lock up on this machine but the trick is to release the orange lever and let the machine roll to a stop naturally. If you don’t force the mower to stop while the leaver is pulled in the wheels will not lock up!

The CM1936 by Black & Decker has 5 different running speeds and 7 difference cutting heights which are easily controlled with the help of a one touch adjuster. The handle position has 2 different heights also and can be adjusted using plungers which clip in and out easily.

This lawn mower is a 3 in 1 so it’s capable of both mulching and catching grass and is actually easier than most to adjust between modes because all you need to do is turn a knob from catcher to mulcher or vice versa without the need for any extra attachments.

For storage, the machine folds down very well and the 72 pound machine can be easily wheeled around whilst in its folded position by simply lifting the front of the mower. Also, the warranty on this mower is 2 years.

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The Good

Where to start….. I’m very impressed with this mower and apart from the minor issues mentioned below I don’t see any bad points. The Black & Decker brand is trusted and reliable, the functionality of this machine is amazing and the price is certainly not over the top for what you’re getting.

The fact that this mower is self propelled is also a massive bonus in my opinion. Who wants to push their mower around when the can just walk along behind it?

The Bad

Despite being such an amazing functional machine, I think they look of this lawn mower could have been much better. There are some very flash looking mowers on the market today and unfortunately this machine won’t win you any beauty awards. However, this is a small price to pay for the functionality of the mower and it would certainly not prevent me from buying it.

The key is another point that could be an issue. Without the key the machine will not run so if you lose the key you will need to get another one. So please don’t lose the key!

The Verdict

The Black & Decker cordless CM1936 lawn mower is a very impressive machine. It is a feature packed efficient, reliable, self propelled lawn mower that runs on a battery. This makes it the perfect solution for any typical residential yard and I whole heatedly recommend this particular model as my best pick for the top rated electric lawn mower.

Performance:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Quality:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Design:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Ease of use:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Cut:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Value For Money:4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
The Black & Decker CM1936
4.2 based on 528 reviews

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