GreenWorks G-MAX Lawn Mower Review


Overall Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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The GreenWorks G-MAX comes in three models based on the size of the cutting decks, but they are similar, for the most part, in all other features aside from the price which decreases as the mower size decreases.  The buyer has the choice of a cutting deck that is 16 inches, 19 inches, or 20 inches.  All three mowers have several settings to adjust the cutting height although the increments are a little different between the mowers. The 16” has the lowest setting of 7/8” while the 20” can be set as high as 3 3/8”.  All three sizes offer the ability to mulch or bag the grass clippings.  The bagging capacity is 1.42 bushel for each one and the bag is attachable to the rear of all three.

Aside from the size and related pricing, one of the main differences between the three GreenWorks G-MAX mowers is the material that is used in the construction of the deck and housing.  The 16” model has a deck and housing made of plastic which assists in making it lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight areas.  The 19” model has a steel deck that is a bit heavier, but standard for many mowers this size, but its housing is plastic.  The 20” model has a deck made from composite materials which allows this larger model to weigh a bit less than if the deck were constructed of steel.

The Good

Using any of these three GreenWorks G-MAX mower models is a very eco-friendly way to take care of a lawn.  There is no air or noise pollution.  In addition, there is less maintenance than that which is required for a gas powered lawn mower.

One great feature of these mowers is the fact that the motor kicks in with extra power when the mower senses that it is needed, such as when it is used on very thick or tall grass.  The blade speed will increase until it senses that the extra surge of power is no longer necessary.  By only using this intense power surge when needed, it helps conserve the battery life.

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The 20” model has the added feature of a hook up for two batteries instead of just a single battery.  With two batteries installed, it will automatically switch to the second battery after the charge on the first one becomes too low to power the motor.  This is very convenient because there is no time wasted in bringing a fully charged battery to the mower to replace the used one.

The Bad

Although the plastic deck of the 16” model contributes to its light weight and easy maneuverability, it also makes it more susceptible to damage.

All three models can have an issue with the starting mechanism that is probably caused by a minor construction flaw.  The cable from the handle to the motor can lose tension.  When this happens, it will not properly pull the starter switch inside the motor housing and the lawn mower will not start.  This issue can be corrected with minor repairs that can be done by the user.

The Verdict

The three GreenWorks G-MAX mower models are easy to start, easy to use, and easy to maintain.  They are great for the environment and they do not cause a lot of stress and strain on the body like the repeated pulling the starter cord of a gas powered mower.

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