How to Level Uneven Spots in a Lawn

Unequal patches of lawn can not only be unattractive to the proud garden enthusiast but they can be a risk for animals, kids and anybody who unexpectedly enters a gnarly patch or unseen dip. Thankfully, smoothing out those low areas is a simple process and will reward you with a great looking lawn free from dips and increases.

Getting Started

Before you begin work, nevertheless, ensure you have everything you’re going to need readily on hand. You’ll need a great square nosed shovel to spread the yard mix and a solid bow (or straight garden) rake for leveling. You’re also going to wish to obtain a pail or more for the very first spread mix of sand and garden compost. When you’re buying the sand, be sure to pick an orange sand rather than a river or play area sand. While the other two will not injure your lawn, the darker sand will be finer and will bring some nutritious value for your lawn, so it will work more difficult and smarter than a sterilized sand that will only function as filler.

Leveling and Smoothing

The mix will fill in the irregular surfaces of the holes, and you are going to rake it level with the lawn surface to even up low areas and let the lawn grow through evenly. The sand helps the flow of the mix, so spread the mix out well throughout the area you are looking to level and be sure to rake the mix level in all the holes. Then you’ll want to leave it for a while to settle. You can damp it a touch if you wish, however don’t completely wet it. After a few hours, repeat the dispersing and leveling process with a premium topsoil. We recommend not going with the commercially readily available bags, however purchasing a high quality product from a regional nursery to get the very best match for your area and the very best quality for your bucks. Let it settle once again prior to treating it to one last dispersing and raking with an excellent compost.

Invest Time Now & Get a Magnificent Yard Later On

It may appear laborious to take this in 3 phases, however it’s the single finest method to ensure that you will not be re-doing the job in a few weeks when the soil settles. Additionally, this specific method of layering sand and garden compost (an easy filler product to level the landscape yet with nutritive worth); a high quality topsoil (supplying all the advantages) and a final compost dressing (treating the entire area to more nutritive worth) will improve fast re-growth in the low lying locations and have your lawn leveled and growing healthily far much faster. It’s better to invest a little time now to draw out the very best in your lawn.

Leveling a yard is an easy process, however with some additional care and focus on the process and the elements you use, you can ensure a long lasting, sleek outcome that will give you a lawn to be pleased with.

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