Lawn-Boy 17734 21-Inch Self Propelled Gas Mower Reveiw

Lawn-Boy 17734 21-Inch Self Propelled Gas Mower Reveiw

Overall Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

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This gas powered mower is about 22 inches wide and weighs a little over 70 pounds.  It is easy to start, use, and maintain.  With the Lawn-Boy 17734, mowing your lawn will actually be quite a bit easier than with some other models of lawn mowers.  It has an electric start and it is self-propelled with rear wheel drive, so you will not end up feeling so worn out when you have finished cutting your grass.

There are other features that will also save you energy and time, such as the fact that you will not have to circle the mower to adjust the cutting height.  Instead, all of the adjustments can be made from just one side of the mower.

You can also choose between allowing the grass clippings to simply discharge to the side as you mow the lawn, automatically bagging them in the included bag that attaches easily to the mower, or mulching the grass clippings and leaves in order to return the nutrients to the soil.  It is quick and easy to switch from one method to the other.

To back up the quality, you get a two year warranty that covers the starter, the parts, and just about everything else.  In fact, they guarantee that your Lawn-Boy 17734 will start quickly and easily for up to three years.  If you have any issues with it, they will fix it without charging you at all.

The Good

One of the best features on this lawn mower is the electric start-up.  There is no longer a need to keep pulling a cord to start your mower and end up wearing yourself out before you even start the actual cutting of the grass.  A simple turn of the key is all that is needed to get the Lawn-Boy 17734 started and ready to work.

Another great feature of the Lawn-Boy 17734 is that it is self-propelled.  The rear wheel drive is especially great if your lawn is uneven.  Instead of struggling to push your mower all over the lawn, all that you will need to do is steer it where you want it to cut the grass.  This can help you finish cutting your lawn quicker and not leave you too worn out to enjoy yourself afterwards.

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The Bad

Although it has a rather large collection bag, which can reduce the amount of time that you spend emptying it, it can cause issues for some users.  As the larger bag becomes fuller, it gets heavier and the weight can cause it to begin pulling away from the mower.  The gap that occurs may allow some grass clippings to get out of the bag.

The Verdict

With its electric start and self-propulsion, the Lawn-Boy 17734 can make the chore of mowing the lawn a lot less tedious and tiring for any user.  It is a very good choice when it comes to lawn mowers and the pricing of a little more than $300 makes it an even better choice.  Simply keeping an eye on the connection between the mower and the collection bag can help you catch any signs of a gap before the grass clippings get all over the place, so that isn’t a major concern.

Lawn-Boy 17734
4.7 based on 5 reviews

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