McLane 21-Inch 6.75 Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review

McLane 21-Inch 6.75 Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review

Overall Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

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There are two types of McLane 21-Inch 6.75 gas powered lawn mowers.  One of them is a standard pushing mower, while the other one is self-propelled.  They are nearly identical in the rest of their features aside from their weight and cost with the self-propelled mower being the heavier mower with a bit higher price than the push mower due to its 5 speed engine.  There also might be some variation in the type of material that is used for the collecting container.  Some have a hard, formed plastic container and with others it is a bag made of soft material.

Even though the self-propelled mower is a little heavier, it bears the burden and requires little effort from the user aside from steering it.  With the push mower, the user has to apply more of their own strength to maneuver around the yard, but it is not to the point of being extremely strenuous.  The wide wheels easily roll over even slightly uneven ground without much effort.

Both models of the McLane 21-Inch 6.75 are powered by a strong 6.25 GT Briggs & Stratton engine that can easily handle even damp or tall grass.  They have 21” decks made completely of steel for durability.  The cutting blades are also made of steel so they won’t easily get damaged when a pine cone or small branch is accidentally run over while mowing the lawn.  The cutting height can be adjusted between one half and three inches by using a single lever.

Choosing between the two types of McLane 21-Inch 6.75 mowers is more of a personal preference than one of performance.

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The Good

Both types of this lawn mower are well constructed out of steel so they are not going to need repairs on parts very often.  Even the cutting blades are made of strong, durable steel.  Both are easy to maneuver in tight areas and roll well over uneven terrain.

Starting them is easy, especially since the starter cord is located on the handle.  This means that there is no uncomfortable bending to reach it and the angle of pulling is not awkward for the back and shoulders.  These mowers are also easy to stop and restart.

The Bad

When the mower is equipped with a hard, formed plastic collection container it might be more difficult for some users to lift and empty out the grass container because of the additional weight of the container itself.  This is especially true if the grass is slightly damp because damp grass might stick more to the inside of the plastic container and accumulate if it isn’t all removed each time the container is emptied.  Also, if the plastic collection container is on a push mower, it might be a little harder to push due to the additional weight.

The Verdict

Both the self-propelled and the push version of the McLane 21-Inch 6.75 lawn mower can easily handle most small to medium lawns. With a price range of around $400-$600, these mowers may seem more costly than other similar sized mowers, but they are built to last and both are backed by a two year warranty.

McLane 21-Inch
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