WORX WG775 Lil’Mo 14-Inch Lawn Mower Review


Overall Rating: 4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

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The WORX WG775 Lil’Mo cordless lawn mower has a removable 24-Volt battery that makes it easier to recharge.  It has an easy starter switch so starting it does not require repeatedly pulling a cord or priming a motor.

Its cutting width is 14 inches so it is great for getting the grass in narrow spaces.  The cutting height can be adjusted to several settings from a little below 2 inches to slightly above 3 inches.  Dispensing of the grass clippings can be handled in three different ways.  There is an easily attached bag for collection, a mulching mode, and a discharge mode.  Unlike many lawn mowers, this one discharges the clippings to the rear instead of to the side.

Since the deck and wheels are made of plastic and it does not have the additional weight of a gas motor, the Worx Lil’Mo weighs just a little over thirty pounds.  This makes it easy to maneuver and not such a chore to push while mowing.

The Good

Due to the deck and wheels being made of plastic, this is a very lightweight lawn mower that can easily be handled by someone that has had difficulties handling large, heavy gas powered lawn mowers.  In addition, the Worx Lil’Mo is built small, with a cutting width of only 14 inches, so it is easy to mow tight spots where larger mowers can’t fit.

Using battery power eliminates the noise and fumes associated with gas powered mowers and the aggravation of dealing with the extension cord that is necessary with plug-in electrical mowers.  The user can also easily remove the battery for recharging because it has a convenient carrying handle.

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The Bad

There are some bad aspects in regards to the plastic deck of the Worx Lil’Mo.  It is more susceptible to damage from above and below.  The user needs to be careful when mowing near structures so that they don’t get too close and bump the mower which could cause the plastic to bend or crack.  In addition, mowing over very uneven terrain can cause the deck to bend within reach of the spinning blades and cause scratches and nicks on the underside of the lawn mower.

As with all battery powered things, there is the possibility that the battery charge will not last long enough to finish mowing the whole lawn.  In order for the job to be completed, the user has to remove the battery and allow it to charge for a while.  Also, over time, all batteries lose their ability to hold a full charge and need to be replaced.

Having the discharge go to the rear can be an issue if this mower is used on lawns that have pine cones or other things that might become projectiles if they are not cut up by the blades.  The momentum from the blades could cause the potential projectiles to cause injury.

The Verdict

This mower is ideal for a small yard that is clear of pine cones or other potential projectiles and for use by someone that needs a lightweight mower.  However, users with larger yards that don’t have the time to wait for recharging might find it frustrating.

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